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vendredi, septembre 09, 2005

Google: Spot the mistake

Something is going on at Google. Compare the pictures :

For a long time, Google's hit counts for individual queries have been increasing steadily, although the claimed index size has hardly changed (see previous post). However, there was a sudden big jump two days ago. The diagrams below show the hits for the same set of queries on August 10th and now (as was the case with Yahoo in March the correlation is so perfect that it makes you wonder...).



If my computations are right, Google should soon announce a multiplication by 2.7 of its index size, i.e. a figure close to 21 billion (or maybe they won't announce it, and live with the contradiction -- I have more or less given up with Google's logic). Of course, this has nothing to do with Yahoo's recent claim of 19.2 billion indexed pages ;-)

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Anonymous Anonyme a écrit...

Jean: information showned on the main page of Google is the number of *web* pages indexed. And the info from the results are *documents* (not only web pages, but also PDF, DOC, ...).

10 septembre, 2005 10:21  
Blogger Jean Véronis a écrit...

Dison> It is not my understanding of Google's self-reported figures. However, the hit jump remains.

12 septembre, 2005 07:44  

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