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mardi, avril 12, 2005

Text: Navigate through the European Constitution

Follow up

19 apr - The words of the European Constitution

There is quite a lot of debate these days in France about the European Constitution, a few weeks before the referendum that will accept it or reject it. One of the problems is that the original text known as "Treaty establishing a constitution for Europe" is particularly unreadable for the average citizen (one million characters, 482 pages, in a very heavy European jargon -- see this link [fr]).

In order to help normal people to find their way through the text and make their own opinion, I have created a small search engine, or more exactly what is called a concordance program. You type a keyword (e.g. "social", "women", etc.) and you can see all the passages where the word appears, with their contexts aligned.

Search in the Treaty :

Français English

Search not case sensitive : Rights returns the same results as rights. It is limited to 300 results. The result page is rather self-explanatory. Just keep in minf that a link at the left of each passage enables you to display the corresponding page in the treaty.

You can use regular expression, i.e. wildcards instead of fixed characters:

- ? makes the last character optional. E.g. rights? will match right and rights.

- . replaces any character. E.g. wom.n matches woman or women.

- * repeats the precious characters (which can be the "." joker!) any number of times (or none at all). E.g. :VI matches, VI, VII, VIII ; liber.* matches liberty, liberal, liberals, libéralisation, etc..

- + repeats the previous character at least once. E.g. VI matches, VII, VIII, etc. (but not V)

- | indicates a choice between two expressions. E.g. men|women matches men or women.

- parentheses () group expressions to build more complicated ones. E.g. (aim|goals)s matches aim, aims, goal, goals.

* *

Have fun. I hope that this tool will be useful. I'll try to improve it in the next days if you have comments. Spread the link :


Add the search form to your Web pages!

Copy the following code and paste it in your page. You can adapt it (color, etc.), but please keep the link to this blog (thanks!):
<div align="center"><form name="form1" action="" method="post"> <br><b>Search the European Constitution:</b><br><br><input name="forme" size="40" type="text"><br><input name="lang" value="fr" type="radio">Français <input name="lang" value="en" type="radio" checked="checked" >English<br><br><input name="Chercher" value="Search" type="submit"><br><br><font size="-1">Powered by <a href="">Technologies du Langage</a> - <a href="">Help</a> </font></form></div>

Follow up

19 apr - The words of the European Constitution

7 Commentaires:

Anonymous Anonyme a écrit...

thanks! i have already sent it round to lots of people who will find it useful. thanks also generally for a great blog (i'm italian so i can understand most of the french, it's a good exercise!)

12 avril, 2005 21:34  
Anonymous Anonyme a écrit...

Now I know there is no intelligence, no common sense, ro rationality in this constitution; but at least there's some sex ;-)

Eric Atwell, Leeds University

12 avril, 2005 23:48  
Anonymous Anonyme a écrit...

Very interesting thing.
Sadly, not every European gets to vote on this document.

13 avril, 2005 11:28  
Anonymous Anonyme a écrit...

Has anyone else tried a search for "bureaucracy"?

13 avril, 2005 11:49  
Anonymous Anonyme a écrit...

Great job! I am interested in doing a similar concordance for the constitution of the Republic of Macedonia. Would you be willing to share your concordance script, or perhaps point me to some other script I can use.


George Mitrevski
Auburn University, Alabama USA

18 avril, 2005 14:12  
Anonymous Anonyme a écrit...

i was told that the new members of the European Community were not allowed to work in the countries of the old members of the Community for the next 5 years. Could anyone confirm this to me or point out where i can find this clause written down? Thanx

24 mai, 2005 04:38  
Anonymous Anonyme a écrit...

You have performed an international service with your search engine. I am grateful for your efforts.
I applaud the recent French vote rejecting this obvious threat to their national sovereignty. Globalism is nearly always a danger to individual liberty--a truth that undoubtedly influenced the vote at some level.

30 mai, 2005 15:28  

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